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The Iguana House Belize

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Enjoy a Private Belizian Retreat Alongside the Best Fly Fishing Waters in the World


Fly Fishing

The Fishing….

At The Iguana House, we are all about the FISHING! We have premier, experienced guides ready to take you out on some of the fishiest waters in the world! Belize is unique in that it offers the Meso-American reef and the flats of Southern Chetumal Bay. The diversity is immense and the fishery is abundant!
The Seasons….
The dry season in Belize is February through June/July. These are typically the best months to come down, as the States are cold and the fishing is prime. Migrating Tarpon start to arrive in May and run through July. As Belize is situated closer to the Equator, the temperatures do not vary that much here. There are certainly hotter months, July, August, September, however the Iguana House is on the water, offering a nice breeze pretty much all the time! The fall is also an amazing time on the island. November is coming out of Hurricane season and can offer some of the clearest and calmest waters we see all year.
Primetime for permit are the months of March and April, though there are always shots at permit throughout the year. Bones are always plentiful and there are plenty of shots at resident tarpon ranging from juveniles to larger 100 pounders.
Fishing at the house….
In front of the house sits a large flat, historically known at Bonefish Flats. If conditions permit, you will find many large bones cruising around the dock, and the neighboring docks to the North. It really is a great bonefish fishery, and these bones are BIG and STRONG. They typically stay shallower, allowing you to utilize the docks to find them with a higher vantage point and quickly being able to take shots from the dock or follow the bones along the shore. SO MUCH FUN! We have success sticking to brighter shrimp patterns. Our favorite is Charlie Craven’s Bonefish Junk. This fly will even turn a permit from time to time…

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